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Our workplace structures are shifting to more fluid environments that encourage collaboration and cross-boundary networks. Today, organizational success comes from innovative teams and knowledge sharing. Are you ready?


With over 20 years of experience, Brenda Barker Scott Consulting can help you re-imagine your workplace, link and leverage talent, and succeed in a world without borders.

Creating spaces for meaningful work.

Are you wondering how to structure your organization, your teams and your workplace for maximum effectiveness? Do you need to re-engage your people and focus them on collaborating for high performance?

Strategy and talent are not enough. A creative and flexible infrastructure that responds to global, human and technological change is critical to thriving in the new world of work.

Brenda Barker Scott works with you to navigate through trends and changing work cultures, providing a blueprint to help you reshape the capabilities and resources your teams need to meet today’s challenges. Our design elements feature a deep understanding of your purpose, capabilities, resources and relationships and a focus on collective learning towards a shared vision.


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Fielding Graduate University has published a story about Brenda and Michael Manning’s groundbreaking research on designing for collaborative organizations!

Brenda and Michael Manning just published “Designing the Collaborative Organization: A Framework for how Collaborative Work, Relationships, and Behaviors Generate Collaborative Capacity” in the Journal of Applied Behavioural Science. The article describes a framework for developing the collaborative workplace, developed through a case study of a subsystem of Intuit Canada, a knowledge-based product development firm known for strong collaboration.

Brenda and Michael Manning recently published an article to help leaders optimize their collaborative efforts for the world of work. Designing for Collaboration: Don’t Just Focus on the Team, Focus Also on the Context in Which Teams Work is a deep dive into how three contextual factors related to work, relationships, and behaviors shift the setting from a place where collaboration is hard to do, to one that embodies collaboration as a widespread competence.

Brenda has been featured twice on C3inc’s podcast Channeled. Listen to the podcasts:

Organizational design helps us create more, together – in this podcast Brenda discussed how organizational design is about so much more than names on an organizational chart!

Organizational culture and design in the new normal – in this podcast Brenda discusses the new world of work caused by the pandemic and what leaders need to do to keep everyone connected.

The Transformational Design Process

We use a robust process designed to explore your challenges and build a culture that inspire new, critical thinking, shared knowledge, and a flexible space where people and ideas thrive.


Define icon

A foundational blueprint maps your focus and scope across trends, design issues and your current work environment

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The development and prioritization of design criteria using best practices, relevant data and stakeholder feedback

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Design (V3) 0.1 (small)

Design concepts created through a solid synthesis of data, core principles implications and meaningful conversations

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Guided execution of design solutions, with enabling supports and transition planning

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Organizational Design

Wondering how to structure your organization for maximum effectiveness? We’ll work with you to develop a foundational blueprint for a vibrant ecosystem.

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Looking to build a high freedom, high engagement workplace that focuses people for high performance? We’ll help you build and leverage project networks that unleash and align talent around organizational priorities.

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Senior Leadership Counselling

Is it a challenge to keep everyone on the same page? We deliver custom consultation programs that delve into your most pressing issues and get everyone on the same page.

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Whole Systems Transformations

Are you seeking expertise for real-time strategic change? In a fast paced, decentralized world, organizational transformation requires committed, energized and at times courageous people.

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Meeting Facilitation

Tired of meetings that go nowhere? We’ve got the expertise to ensure that your meetings are meaningful, focused and result in tangible action items that move teams forward.

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Brenda Barker Scott

Consulting Services

Brenda has extensive experience in all aspects of organizational development, acquired over a twenty-year career in teaching and consulting.

Organizational culture and design in the new normal

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