Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Policy Division

  • Re-design of a policy division to facilitate greater collaboration across branches
  • Implementation of cross-disciplinary hubs, integrator roles and processes associated with the development of a Division-wide policy agenda.


Ministry of Infrastructure, Government of Alberta

  • Restructure of the Capital Projects Division through a collaboration design and test process
  • Development of a new strategic services branch and improved integration and connectivity between branches




  • Restructure of the Product Development Division
  • New organizational design to support a customer-focused strategic direction



Edmonton Public Schools

  • System-wide organization design to better integrate and align services for students and families
  • Developed multi-stakeholder design team and incorporated input from a 300-person leadership community and a 240-person stakeholder advisory group.



Research In Motion

Organizational and Human Resources Design

  • Design process to create greater alignment and responsiveness of HR functions for the business
  • mandate identification with key business leaders
  • facilitation of a series of design summits and testing with subject matter experts



Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

  • Leadership Development
  • Development of leadership capacity, including assessments, coaching sessions, training and a supportive leadership infrastructure


Ontario Ministry of Finance, Tax Revenue Division, Client Accounts and Services Branch

  • Strategic and Structural Renewal
  • Led design team in methodology for the creation and implementation of a new client services branch


Algonquin Lakeshore District Catholic School Board

  • Strategic and Structure Renewal
  • Lead a team of senior leaders in a whole systems renewal of their strategy and structure.

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

  • Designing and Implementing a Patient Safety Culture
  • Lead a design team (including the heads of medicine, nursing and organizational development) to design a holistic infrastructure for a patient safety culture.
  • Implementation of an enabling infrastructure, including a new governance model, a new risk management system, and the development of roles, protocols and policies.