Seven characteristics of the new employee

Your workforce is changing. By 2020, it’s estimated that over half of your employees will be millennials, a technologically-savvy cohort with very different expectations for their careers. Do you know how to attract, nurture and retain them? Consider these seven characteristics when developing recruitment, compensation and professional development strategies for your organization:

  1. Make it meaningful – Millennials are looking for challenging projects that optimize their talents and make a difference to your organization and their world.
  2. Collaboration is key – Your newest hires are looking to break free from the old world of hierarchies and rigid infrastructure. Instead, look for ways to build interdisciplinary teams and break down the traditional barriers to collaboration.
  3. Use the right tools – Technology is shifting who does what work, and how. Millennials grew up using technology to communicate and collaborate, and they expect to have the same tools at their disposal in the workplace.
  4. Build Relationships –Today’s 24/7 global work environment means that your workforce is likely more connected than ever with their colleagues, both on and off the clock. They are looking for a more personal experience with their peers, but also with their mentors and managers, who can help them grow their career.
  5. Switch it up – Gone are the days of a 30-year career in one job or department. Today, career mobility is critical to attracting top talent, with opportunities to use skills in different ways across your organization.
  6. Learning by doing – Millennials are used to trying out new ideas and new technologies by experimenting and collaborating with others. They expect to be allowed to learn by doing, and even make mistakes from time to time.
  7. A work/life balance – The rise of technology and globablization has led to a blurring of lines between work and home. Your new employees are willing to support a fluid work environment, but it must be coupled with flexibility for their own interests and activities.

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