What we do

Your organization is likely brimming with smart, capable and committed people. But their energy and passion can be stifled by outdated structure, rules and attitudes.

We work with you to create spaces for progressive learning and knowledge sharing. We help you focus on and leverage your organization’s capabilities using trends analysis, hard data and evidence-based practices. We collaborate with you leadership team to transform your culture and accelerate growth.

Creative business colleagues

Organizational Design

Need a new approach to stay relevant and survive an evolving marketplace? Our Transformational Design Plan explores your unique challenges and provide a blueprint for implementing an effective design.

Engagement strategies

Do you encourage collaboration between departments? Are you ready for a changing demographic in your workplace? We work with you to identify barriers to engagement and implement best practices for attracting and retaining top talent. Our services are based in research and foundational best practices.

Senior Leadership Counselling

Is your leadership team sharing the same mindset and values? We’ll help you examine whether your structure allows your senior team to develop and join around a common vision and determine how they can adapt to changing forces in your workplace and industry.

Whole Systems Thinking

We have the knowledge and experience to help you involve/engage the right people in the right learning conversations to jointly diagnose challenges and design and implement robust solutions.

Learn about our Transformational Design Plan

Meeting Facilitation

It’s easy for meetings to get derailed or hijacked by internal politics and unfocused agendas. We can help you get and keep everyone on track for a meaningful dialogue, whether it’s a large-scale meeting or an executive retreat. We provide pre-meeting agenda planning, meeting framework tools, on-site facilitation and tools to conduct polls and priority-setting exercises.