The Transformational Design Plan

We use a robust process designed to explore your challenges and build a culture that inspire new, critical thinking, shared knowledge, and a flexible space where people and ideas thrive.


A foundational blueprint maps your focus and scope across trends, design issues and your current work environment. Critical steps include:

  • Design Issues
    • Trends analysis
    • Fitness assessment
  • Focus, Scope, Boundaries
  • Involvement
    • Core roles
    • Involvement roadmap


The development and prioritization of design criteria using best practices, analytics and stakeholder feedback. Critical steps include:


  • Design Criteria
    • Collect and analyze data
    • Design criteria themes


Design concepts created through a solid synthesis of data, core principles implications and meaningful conversations. Critical steps include:

  • Design Concepts
    • Implications for processes, roles, etc.
    • Shape, test, refinement stages
    • Synergies


Guided execution of design solutions, with enabling supports and transition planning. Critical steps include:

  • Implementation of your Transformational Design Plan
    • Pacing and phasing
    • Smooth handoff and communications planning
    • Transition plans
    • Enabling supports

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